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Grobos is an abbreviation for Groningen Residents Consultation Studenthousing (Groninger Bewonersoverleg Studentenhuisvesting). We represent the interests of all student and youth tenants who rent from the Lefier housing corporation. We are represent our supporters in the following ways:
The grobos board keeps itself up-to-date with developments in renting and social housing. We partake in working groups and discussions in- and outside of Groningen. We try to be informed and involved as much as possible so we represent tenants in the best way.
Conversation partner
Grobos discusses housing at different levels: from municipality to provincial. We want to voice the voice of student tentants at all possible levels. We also provide a (discussion) platform for residents' committees where information is exchanged.
The tenants
The concerns and interests of students are just as important as the other tentants of Lefier. We have regular GMA's and a whatsapp group to collect concerns and voice them to Lefier.
Board Members

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Dit zijn de bestuursleden die voor je klaar staan in 2021:
Mauk Sewandono
Mauk Sewandono


    Abdifitah Ahmed
    Abdifitah Ahmed


      Mees Houwerzijl
      Mees Houwerzijl